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Our aim is to provide you with a service that cost effectively restores your windows back to their former selves, looking and functioning like new. We can provide new handmade double glazed sash and casement windows to meet your exact requirements, or we can double glaze existing sash windows.

A family business specialising in Sash Window renovation, repair and draft proofing

London & Herts Sash Windows - Restoration, repair & draught proofing in Essex & Hertfordshire

London & Herts Sash Windows is a family business specialising in sash and timber window restoration, repair, draught proofing, double glazing and new double glazed windows across London, Hertfordshire, Middlesex & Essex.

London & Herts Sash Windows renovate, double glaze and repair across Essex Timber sash window repair, renovation and draught proofing in Hertfordshire and North London

Sash windows are an ingrained part of  the British architectural landscape: they were introduced to England in the late 17th century and remained a part of the London scenery for over two centuries. Any styled property from this era would be lacking without them, and this is why it’s imperative if you are renovating a Georgian, Regency or Victorian property, or developing a house in one of these styles, that you include them.

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Genuine timber sash windows are likely to be the first and only choice for traditionalists and people living either in a listed building or a Conservation Area. Timber is very durable and a very good insulator, and if properly handled, a timber frame can last for many many years. A standard misconception may be that timber windows are high maintenance, but by using modern finishes, available in nearly any paint colour or stain, they really don’t call for a a large amount of upkeep, just a the odd periodic

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maintenance surveying for flaky paintwork, areas of decay and cracks. 


If you need sash window refurbishment, repairs, renovation, double glazing, replacements, draught proofing, or something more specific in the North London, Hertfordshire or Essex areas, then contact us today.