Draught free timber doors

If your house, office or business premises have draughty timber doors, our craftsmen can professionally draught proof them

Many old period properties, and indeed newer buildings, have the common problem of poorly fitting timber external doors. Whether a front door or side door, timber doors can warp or drop over time causing gaps to appear and letting in cold air.

Unlike the materials found in DIY stores for door draught proofing, which often sit on the edges of the door frame and are easily visible, unsightly and not very effective, the method we use to draught proof your timber doors enables us to fit the draught proofing materials to the door itself and so aren’t visible when the door is closed, and are very effective at sealing any unwanted gaps around the door.

London & Herts Sash Window’s timber door draught proofing services involves our craftsmen removing the door from the hinges and routering a channel in all four sides of the door, this then receives a carrier fitting flush in the timber and the draught proofing weatherpile of varying lengths can then be added.

This process will make a huge difference to any poorly fitted and draughty timber doors and keep that cold air out.


  • Door removed from hinges
  • All locks and handles removed to ensure full access to all areas of the door sides
  • Channel routered in all four sides of door to allow for draught proofing carrier to be fitted flush within the timber (available in various colours)
  • Carrier then accepts weatherpile brush material (available in various colours)
  • Varying length weatherpile brush available to perfectly seal different size gaps around door
  • Door hung and ensure in full working order


  • Greatly improve the thermal efficiency of your home
  • Eliminate the movement of cold air through external doors
  • Addition of weatherpile ensures a snug fitting door, reducing door movement and rattles once closed

If your house suffers from poorly fitted timber doors that are allowing the movement of cold air into the building, contact us today to discuss your requiremnts and see how we can help.

From as far as Royston to Saffron Walden, Bishop’s Stortford to Sawbridgeworth, Hertford to St Albans, Hackney to Bethnel Green, Hampstead to Finchley and Epping to Great Dunmow – our team can cure those draughty doors for good, when it matters most!