Timber Window Restoration & Draught Proofing , Finchingfield Essex

A large project as part of a house renovation in Finchingfield Essex included sash window restoration & draught proofing, external timber restoration of frames, fascias and features, casement door draught proofing, new casement windows and replacement windows - showcasing the full services from London & Herts Sash Windows.

A large project on a house that was undergoing a renovation, the team covered all aspects of London & Herts Sash Window’s services, including sash and casement restoration, draught proofing of sash windows, casement windows and doors, timber restoration of external timber, including timber facias, finials and bay windows.

The team also installed a new casement window to replace a newer addition to the house that wasn’t in keeping with the rest of the building.

Timber sash window restoration in Finchingfield, Essex

Much of the work here involved restoring timber throughout the property that hadn’t been touched for many years, with very large areas of rot.  The team removed all rotten timber throughout a very large bay window of around 30 feet high, plus large sections of rot across window sills, bottoms of sash windows, fascias and finials.

All new timber was installed to match like for like with the removed sections, and was used in conjunction with resin.

A large and generally cold house, the draught proofing was essential, and every timber window and timber door in the property was fully draught proofed making a massive difference to the temperature and loss of heat across the building.

The team also carried out work to draught proof internal loft doors, replacement of broken and dated glass and fitted new locks and latches across the entire properties sash and casement windows.

Rotting timber window frames
Timber window restoration process
External timber restoration

Before and during the timber window and door restoration

Before a window restoration project in Essex
Before timber windows and doors being restored in Finchingfield Essex
Before timber windows and doors being restored in Finchingfield Essex

Completed renovation before Decorating

Restored facias and timber soffits
Restored timber facias and soffits on a house in Essex
Timber roof features restored in Finchingfield
Resin filled repair of timber window frames
Timber repairs on the sash window project in Essex

“The team from London and Herts undertook the work to our listed house with great skill, care and enthusiasm. With more than thirty windows and doors which had been neglected for many years, we knew that this would be a challenging task. We were very impressed with their approach; unexpected problems were met with smart solutions and lateral thinking and without excessive additional costs. The team also co-ordinated well with our other tradesmen working on other aspects of the project and were friendly and approachable throughout.

We are now really feeling the benefits of our investment, with refurbished doors, sash and casement windows which not only look extremely smart but are draught-free and this has made a huge difference to heat retention and the feeling of comfort within the house.”

Jonathan, Finchingfield,  Essex

This project utilised all the skills of our experienced craftsmen and showcased the full services available from London & Herts Sash Windows. No matter what state your sash windows, timber windows, doors, facias or external roof timber features are in out team can restore, repair or replace.

If your timber windows, sash windows or doors are in need of repair, restoration or need draught proofing or double glazing, speak to the experts. London & Herts Sash Windows work in Essex, Hertfordshire, Suffolk and into London. Call us or email us for a quote or some advise.