Restoration & Draught Proofing, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire

This project involved the restoration and draught proofing of 19 original sash windows in Bishop's Stortford, including a large bay window of 4 sash windows.

This lovely house had sash windows with a range of problems including rotten sills, broken glazing, flaking putty, plus paint both internally and externally in very poor condition.  The windows had also for many years had secondary glazing which once removed had damaged much of the internal architrave, which required repairing.

Sash window restoration and draught proofing carried out in Bishop's Stortford

As a business which provides the full service of sash windows restoration, the owner was keen for us to carry out all aspects to restore the sash windows.  London & Herts Sash Windows removed all the frames, before fully stripping all timber within the box, sills, external architrave and decorative mouldings. The internal architrave was repaired after the removal of old secondary glazing and prepped ready for decorating.

The frames were restored off site within in our workshop, where all the flats of the sash frames are stripped and the decorative mouldings fully prepped ready for decorating. Any old broken or loose putty is replaced with new polymer putty

At this point the team carry out large and spot repairs with new hardwood and resin to both the frames and the timber within the window boxes.

Once all restoration and preparation work has taken place, the team fully decorate all timber across both the frames and the window boxes and sills.

Finally the sash windows are installed with draught proofing (including new timber beading with integral draught proofing weatherpile and a routered channel where the two sashes meet) and new locks and security stoppers.

Completed sash window restoration at a house in Bishop's Stortford
Timber bay window being restored
Repaired timber sash window looking and working like new

“London and Herts did a great job. Our sashes were in a terrible state – painted shut and covered in glue from nasty secondary glazing. They now work properly and look excellent. For me the big plus was they took responsibility for the whole restoration.” Chris Hannant

Before and during the bay window restoration

Rotting timber frames of the windows
Tired timber in a the existing timber sash window frames
Timber bay window being renovated and having draught proofing added

After the sash bay window restoration

High quality renovated sash window
New fittings added to the sash windows
Draught Proofing detail added
Bishop's Stortford sash window and draught proofing project by London & Herts Sash Windows

The project in Bishop’s Stortford is an excellent example of the services our expert craftsmen provide to our customers. If you have timber windows or sash windows in need of repair or renovation or need to draught proof your doors or windows please contact the London & Herts Sash Window team. 

If you have a timber sash window bay that requires restoration or repair, London and Herts Sash Windows are experts in the field all over Hertfordshire, North & East London and Essex.