Sash Window Restoration, Draught Proofing & Replacement Casement Windows, Farnham, Herts

This project in Farnham near Bishop's Stortford in Hertfordshire involved some interesting windows in a lovely old mansion house. Our skilled team were tasked with a sash window restoration, draught proofing and replacing a timber casement window.

The large bay of sash windows was fully restored, with all timber on both the sash frames and window boxes set within the old stone walls being completely stripped back ready for repairs. An interesting bay window that required alterations to the beading to allow us to fit the appropriate new timber beading to allow draught proofing and the correct sealing of the windows

This large sash window bay window was then completely decorated both internally and externally.

On the top floor of the building, a bay of three casement windows were in very poor condition and the frames themselves beyond repair.  The team completely restored the window box, carrying out splicing and resin repairs.  While three new hardwood casements were created like for like with the originals, before being fully decorated and then installed with draught proofing, new hinges and new locks.

stone bay window with timber frames restored